About Midaat – for a healthier Israeli society

Midaat – for informed health is a non-profit association committed to advancing public health in the areas of health care and preventative medicine

We believe that the key to a healthier, stronger society begins with a better and more informed understanding of day-to-day health considerations. Midaat helps educate and support this notion in Israel.

Midaat is a strictly voluntary association, and its entire budget – including annual membership fees and donations – is dedicated to covering the expenses of its activities: Lectures, website maintenance, conferences, production of brochures, etc.

We live in a wonderful era in which medicine extends and improves human life, better than ever before. Safe and effective treatments such as vaccines protect us from diseases that once threatened to destroy us.

Unlike old practices, modern medicine is evidence-based and regulated, self-monitored and continuously improving. At the same time, however, the general public is exposed to dangerous trends like science denial, mistrust of medicine, dissemination of misinformation, and difficulty to gain access to accurate, reliable and coherent information.

People wishing to make health-related decisions for themselves and their children may not have the necessary means to attain reliable information or assess the benefits and risks involved.

Midaat was established with the goal of aiding the public in Israel to gain necessary information, identify health risks, and protect itself from those risks. The association seeks to promote a healthy community in the public, legal and educational spheres, by providing reliable information that meets the professional standards. Additionally, it aims to promote public discussion of science-based health care, in a non-judgmental way, while respecting all lifestyles.

We truly believe that a better-educated Israeli public will make better decisions regarding its health, thus improving the health of the entire Israeli population.

Vaccine Safety Network memberMidaat’s website is the first from Israel to be included in the Vaccine Safety Net, which was established by the World Health Organization in order to tackle the phenomena of vaccine hesitancy and anti-vaccination. The information provided on the site, which includes content such as myths around vaccination and answering frequently asked questions, is continually updated, and undergoes careful editing and vetting under the supervision of Dr. Uri Lerner (Ph.D.), scientific director of Midaat.

Edva Lotan, managing director of Midaat, said: “One of our main goals is to provide accessible content that aids in informed decision-making and identifying misleading claims. We are proud to be included in the network of websites recognised by the World Health Organization as a reliable, accurate and accessible source of vaccination and public health information.”

Our domains of activity

Enabling access to, and reviewing information – Presenting the public with reliable information, thereby contributing to healthcare and preventive medicine-related decision making; Special emphasis is put on vaccines. Midaat is also engaged in identifying and correcting misleading or incorrect information published by various entities, including the media and online.

Promoting awareness and media exposure – Advising the media regarding accuracy in health issues, and promoting the accessibility of relevant information. Consulting organizations and enterprises on how to promote maximum transparency and accessibility of information to the public.

Educational activities and lectures – Providing educational and learning activities among different populations – students, parents, youth, the general public, and medical personnel. Constructing lesson plans and pedagogical tools for teaching the relevant subjects in formal and informal education. The association also holds lectures and training sessions for the teams of Tipat Halav (Israel’s family health centers that monitor baby development, guide parents about caring for babies and infants, vaccinate babies and children, and provide them with information about vaccinations) with the goal of providing pediatric nurses with the understanding of the most up-to-date knowledge in the field of vaccines, as well as how to cope with public misconceptions.

Holding training sessions for various target audiences allows us to achieve various goals: answering the concerns of parents overwhelmed with contradictory suggestions and dangerous, false information; and educating people towards scientific literacy and critical thinking.

Promoting legislation and enforcement – Initiating and promoting legislative acts and regulations that will aid public health and prevent related misconceptions and deceptions. Promoting enforcement of regulations prescribed by law. Representation of the public before the authorities and the Knesset committees on relevant topics.

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Our website contains a one of a kind publically accessible vaccines information database, in which anyone can find simple and accessible information on the Israeli vaccination plan and the vaccine-preventable diseases, from pregnancy, through birth and childhood, to adulthood and old age. We provide necessary vaccine information for travelers, as well as information about vaccines that are not part of the general Israeli governmental health plan.

You can find a section about general health and disease, which contains different guides, information about important health issues such as pregnancy-related matters, current spreading diseases, some general information about the immune system, general tips for living a healthy life and more.

We also operate a blog section, in which our professional staff members write about health-related subjects and readers share personal stories about their experiences with some of the diseases that are now vaccine-preventable.

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